Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Custom Low-Testosterone Treatment

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Custom Low-Testosterone Treatment

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Custom Low-T


What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is the exogenous (external source, not derived from the body) administration of testosterone that is intended to elevate a man’s androgen levels to a healthy range, which is typically comparable to levels found among very healthy and active young men. TRT is a treatment for low T and the symptoms that accompany Low T.

Men who receive Testosterone Replacement Therapy find that they enjoy a more active, heathy, and happy lifestyle, experience an improvement in vitality and desire, an increase in muscle mass and bone density, a decrease in body-fat, an improvement in mood and general sense of well-being, and improvement in cognitive function and health.

How is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Administered?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy may be administered directly by our physicians in our clinic, or self-administered at home by patients. We administer and/or prescribe treatment of several TRT delivery mechanisms, depending on the patient’s preference and lifestyle. The most common forms of testosterone replacement therapy treatment prescribed by Virility, Inc. are: injectable, topical, and pellet implants. Injectable delivery can be done in our clinic, or at home by the patient. Topical is always an “at home” self-administration option. And pellet implantation must always be performed onsite, at Virility, Inc.’s Fort Lauderdale clinic. NOTE: Regardless of delivery mechanism, TRT is often coupled with HCG to maintain gonadal function and preserve fertility, and an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) for estrogen management, in order to fine-tune androgens and estrogen to the patient’s ideal ratio.



Injectable testosterone is the most common clinic prescribed administration of testosterone replacement therapy, and usually the most efficient and economical. Most patients opt for testosterone injection, and it’s the most widely prescribed therapeutic protocol. Patients may receive injections at our clinic, or self-inject at home. The concentration may vary from Testosterone Injections

testosterone pellet used for testosterone therapy


This is the least commonly prescribed form of testosterone replacement therapy. The pellet delivery mechanism is via implantation in the buttock, and must be performed in our clinic. The pellet evenly delivers a therapeutic dose of testosterone for approximately three to four months, until it’s dissolved by the body, and a new pellet must be implanted. The procedure is relatively quick with minimal discomfort. Our physicians have pioneered the quickest and most pain-free pellet implantation. We often see patients who are currently pellet recipients from other clinics, who desire our comfort-plus procedure. For more about pellets, click here: Testosterone Pellets

topical testosterone for TRT

Topical Gel

Topical creams and gels are quite common for testosterone replacement therapy programs, and are self-administered by the patient. Topical regiments are shine in terms of convenience. Patients who are adverse to injections, often opt for topical treatment plans. This is the least “invasive” administration protocol. The patient must apply topical testosterone every morning, after bathing, on clean, dry skin, around the armpit. The drawback with topical testosterone is two-fold: frequency of administration (must be applied daily) and risk of transferring testosterone through accidental contact to others. We are able to fine tune-tune to concentration (“dosage”) of Testosterone to the individual’s ideal therapeutic level. Click here to learn more: Testosterone Gel

Alternatives to Testosterone Replacement Therapy

TRT may not always be a good choice for some men. There may be instances when a patient’s hormone profile is affected by lifestyle choices for example, where modification and proper nutrient support may work to restore otherwise healthy function. In some cases, especially with younger men, a patient who may be experiencing secondary hypogonadism may respond favorably to HCG Monotherapy, SERMs, SARMs, or combination therapy. Virility, Inc. is not like the many testosterone mills in existence today that push patients into one-size-fits-all TRT programs. We will not promote or prescribe Testosterone Replacement Therapy for a patient if it is not medically necessary. Furthermore, when it’s a viable option, we will educate the patient on all manners of alternative treatment to elevate testosterone if it is biologically possible based on the patient’s physiology. We work to educate and inform patients so that they may make decisions based on all the available options, not just the standard TRT protocol offered by nearly every other clinic. Examples of alternative treatment options include, but may not be limited to:

HCG Monotherapy

HCG Monotherapy

HCG is almost always added to a testosterone replacement therapy program in order to preserve testicular function, size and fertility. It maintains the gonadal production of testosterone when exogenous testosterone is administered. However, HCG when used on it?s own is also capable of increasing testosterone output for men suffering from secondary hypogonadism by stimulating the body?s own production. HCG also tends to elevate estradiol (a type of estrogen) and for this reason the treatment is combined with an aromatase inhibitor (?AI?) to prevent excess estrogen and maintain a normal, healthy level.


SARM (ex: LGD-4033)

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are relatively new to the medical field. SARMs can be dosed orally and have a very strong anabolic effect. SARM LGD-4033 is the latest compound available and provides the many of the benefits of traditional anabolic/androgenic compounds such as testosterone (including increased muscle mass, fat loss, and bone density), while having a lower tendency to produce the unwanted side effects of testosterone such as conversion into estrogen and increased DHT. LGD-4033 is an effective choice for men who desire an increase in lean body mass, increase in mechanical strength and bone mineral density, and reduction in fat, but who may otherwise not be candidates for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Our Hormone Optimization Difference

Virility, Inc. is not a “Testosterone Mill.” Virility, Inc. is an elite testosterone replacement therapy clinic that seeks to achieve that absolute optimal hormone profile for each patient, based on his goals and desired outcome. Our proprietary biomedical feedback algorithms are the foundation of our optimization science. Our science and mathematics based approach allows our physicians to customize medical services, procedures, and treatment plans for each individual, based on his desired outcome, whether that is excellence in business, career, fitness, longevity or romance.

It’s safe to say that the majority of other “TRT Clinics” in operation today play the numbers game by prescribing the same concentration vial of testosterone cypionate, HCG and anastrozole to each and every patient, with the goal of elevating each patient’s total testosterone levels to supra physiological (not always ideal) levels, awhile keeping LH, FSH and Estrogen within some “normal” range. Well, the fact is that “normal” ranges are very broad. Many men do feel “better” than they did prior to receiving TRT with that approach, but it is certainly not ideal. With that “mill” type approach, many patients end up experiencing a host of negative side effects that could range from high blood pressure and elevated hematocrit to bloating/water retention and mood instability.

Virility, Inc.’s approach is quite simply superior. Our physicians dial-in every patient to a hormone profile that nets the highest positive outcome for every unique physiology. We monitor changes in body composition, bio-markers, subjective patient feedback, among other things, in order to work with each individual to achieve the highest level of satisfaction and the best possible results.

Baseline "Pre-Treatment" Example


Optimized Hormone Profile Example


Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe?

Using testosterone without a prescription in the United States is illegal, and the illegal use of androgen compounds carries health risks. The state of Florida has it’s own drug schedule which closely resembles the Federal statutes. You may have seen recent news about South Florida (Wilton Manors / Fort Lauderdale) crackdown on TRT (think “steroid”) clinics crack-down and arrests. As you may undoubtedly know, the misuse and abuse of testosterone by body-builders and athletes as a short cut to increase muscle mass, improve performance and shorten the duration of recovery time has certainly created misconceptions about the safety of medically prescribed and supervised use of testosterone. Raising androgen levels without the direction of a qualified physician carries health risks, as well as a myriad of potential unwanted side-effects. There is much more involved with TRT than simply elevating a patient’s T levels. Other hormones such as estrogen must also be optimized. Cholesterol, hematocrit and blood pressure must be monitored and kept in check. However, the proper administration of TRT is widely accepted in the medical community and is considered an effective medical treatment for andropause and/or primary and secondary hypogonadism. It is perfectly safe if administered through a qualified physician who has your health, general well-being and safety in mind. Our physicians specialize in this field, and are well-respected in the medical community.

For further reading on the safety of TRT, have a look here: www.webmd.com

Are You a Candidate for TRT?

Testosterone levels in men began to diminish by an average of about 1% per year after age 40. In fact, lower-than-normal levels of testosterone can be found in about 45% of all men who are older than 45. However, many men in their low-to-mid 30s have Low T; in many cases these individuals are excellent candidates for TRT. Many young men who suffer from hypogonadism may also benefit from some form of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. If you are wondering if you are too old to rep the benefits of TRT, the answer is likely: no, you are not too old. Because men continue to produce testosterone all their lives (many men are fertile even into their 80s), TRT can be helpful to men regardless of their age. If you have questions or concerns, please call us at (800) 503-4033 to schedule a visit and free consultation at our clinic.

Beginning TRT Treatment

Before beginning testosterone replacement therapy, a Virility, Inc. clinician will take a thorough medical history to determine if you have any underlying conditions that might be responsible for low testosterone levels. You will be given a blood test to ascertain your various hormone levels. Once we have analyzed your blood work, we will design a TRT program based on your unique physiology and desired outcome. We will then continue to monitor and adjust your treatment program based on biofeedback and input from you. The important distinction here is that there are many TRT “mills” out there that exist to make a quick buck, and more often than not, prescribe the same compounds to each and every one of their clients. That is certainly less than ideal, and can cause more harm than good. Employing a combination of appropriate blood testing, regular monitoring and medical expertise, Virility, Inc. helps men enjoy healthy, mentally sharp, vital, active lifestyles, and we accomplish this by achieving the optimum balance and biomarker ratios for each and every patient.

Men who receive Testosterone Replacement Therapy find that they enjoy a more active, heathy, and happy lifestyle, experience an improvement in vitality and desire, an increase in muscle mass and bone density, a decrease in body-fat, an improvement in mood and general sense of well-being, and improvement in cognitive function and health.

How Does it Work?

STEP 1: CALL (800) 503-4033

Initial Consultation

We begin with talking and listening. You will have questions and our doctors will have answers. With this simple, free, and no-obligation phone call, we will help you to make informed decisions. Together we can map out your best treatment options.


Lab Work & Doctor Visit

After our initial phone consultation, we will have you complete some simple lab work. Then you will review your lab results with a Virility, Inc. doctor, either by phone or in person. The choice is yours.


Program Designed for You

After your consultation with the doctor and the analysis of your lab results, we will have a clear understanding of your symptoms and will create a custom treatment program unique to your physiology and fit for your lifestyle.


At-Home Treatment

Your new treatment program is designed for maximum comfort, convenience and results. Your medication is shipped directly to you, with complete and thorough instructions. You will enjoy the benefits of customized medical treatment from the comfort of home.

Dr. Christopher Senger, Virility, Inc. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Dr. Christopher Senger, M.D.

Dr. Christopher Senger, M.D., is the Medical Director and co-founder of Virility, Inc. Dr. Senger is board-certified in Anti-Aging Medicine. His primary concentrations include Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), specifically testosterone replacement and growth hormone optimization.

Dr. Senger holds an advanced degree in mathematics, and has applied his strength in mathematics to help create Virility, Inc.’s proprietary hormone optimization algorithm. Call (800) 503-4033 to get in touch.