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Virility, Inc. is in the business of making men better versions of themselves. We specialize in Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and take great pride in being the best-rated provider in South Florida. We are not the cheapest. There are a number of mail-order medical mills run by salesmen and rented doctors that are cheaper. These outfits provide the same Testosterone-in-a-Box program to each and every patient. We are not a medical mill. We take hormone optimization seriously, and treat every man as a unique individual – with specific needs and desired outcomes in mind. We are very competitively priced, certainly considering what it is we offer. We dial-in every patient to total hormonal perfection – resulting in a better body, a better mind, and an overall better life.

Typical "Mill" Clinics

What You Get at Most Medical Mills
$ 199
  • Little or No Access to Doctor
  • One Size Fits All Program
  • Mail Order Medications
  • Do It Yourself Box of Supplies
  • Clunky Needles / Syringes
  • Set it and Forget it Treatment
  • You're on Your Own, Good Luck!

Virility, Inc.

What You Get with an Industry Leader
$ 299
  • Continuous One-on-One Doctor Care
  • Custom Tailored Program for You
  • Highest Quality Compounded Meds
  • Medication is Pre-filled in Syringes
  • Specialized Comfort Needles
  • Ongoing Fine-Tuning and Optimization
  • Medical Support Staff for You

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