Custom Compounded

Injectable Testosterone

Why So Special?

Nearly every TRT clinic in existence today has only one option of injectable testosterone to offer their patients, and it is simply the basic, mass-produced, single-ester, “one-size-fits-all” variety. Our medical practice proudly rises above ordinary clinics, and sets a new standard of excellence by providing finely crafted, bespoke, multi-ester blends, that are custom made by our highly specialized compounding pharmacy. The purity, stability, bio-availability, and effectiveness is unmatched in the field.

In addition to the unparalleled quality of our customized testosterone, we take things a step further, and use proprietary syringes & needles for our TRT program, ensuring the ultimate in comfort and convenience. The majority of mill-type clinics simply provide patients with large, cheap, clunky needles in order to cut costs. Our “Comfort Plus” syringes are finely crafted; designed for the ultimate in quick, easy and pain-free injections.

Premium Blends

Virility, Inc. is not a “Testosterone Mill.” Virility, Inc. is an elite hormone optimization clinic that seeks to achieve that absolute optimal hormone profile for each patient, and as such, we provide a number of custom concentrations and variations of Injectable Testosterone, based on what is right for each individual patient.

In general, the practice of prescribing the same thing to everybody results in generally average results. The problem is, most guys who receive “average” results do end up feeling better, but are far from feeling the best they can. The distinction with Virility, Inc. however, is that our practice is based on achieving the absolute best outcome for patients, with optimal hormone levels across the board. Therefore, we offer patients an optimal concentration and ester-chain ideally suited for their unique physiology and desired results.

Because our physicians dial-in every patient to a hormone profile that nets the highest positive outcome for every unique physiology, we commonly work with various esters, and combination of esters to achieve an unparalleled level of success.

Dual Ester Testosterone

Dual Ester Blend

Our Testosterone Duo-Blend combines up to 20% Propionate ester with up to 80% Cypionate ester, and can be variable based on the patient’s physiologic response. The purpose of this combination is to achieve more stable and consistent androgen levels between injection times. The shorter ester, propionate is released more quickly than the longer ester, cypionate, and the effect is a less dramatic spike in peak testosterone, and subsequent decline. Testosterone Replacement Therapy yields more positive results and patient satisfaction when hormone levels remain steady throughout the week.
Triple Ester Testosterone

Triple Ester Blend

Our Testosterone Tri-Blend is designed to facilitate the most stable and consistent release of testosterone between injection times. Tri-Blend combines a short, medium, and long ester chain (12.5%, 37.5% and 50% respectively), and is favored by many patients. Blood analysis indicates that serum testosterone is relatively similar several days after injection than it is the day or two proceeding the injection. In addition to providing a stable hormone profile, another great benefit of Tri-Blend is that without the dramatic spike in androgen levels that is more common in single ester.
Testosterone + AI

Testosterone + Aromatase Inhibitor

Our Testosterone may additionally be precisely blended with an Aromatase Inhibitor that matches the half-life (peak and decline) of the androgen. This eliminates the need of taking an AI orally to control estrogen. Furthermore, the addition of the AI with the testosterone, facilitates a consistent, controlled release of the AI, resulting in a smooth, stable and ideal E2 serum level, in conjunction with elevated testosterone.


Isn’t it about time to treat yourself to a healthier, more active, virile and enjoyable life? Get started with the best in the business, Virility, Inc., in three simple steps:

Step 1: Consultation


Make an appointment for a consultation. We begin with a conversation. You will have questions and we will have answers. We will help you to make informed decisions. Together we can discuss your symptoms and whether treatment is right for you.
Step 2: Diagnostics


The physician will give you an thorough examination and we will have you complete some simple lab work for analysis. You will then receive a total body composition analysis to identify any problem areas and opportunities for success with treatment.
Step 3: Review


After your initial consultation with the doctor and the analysis of your diagnostics results, we will have a clear understanding of your symptoms and will create a custom treatment program unique to your physiology and fit for your lifestyle.