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Health Conditions that Can Mimic Low T

Health conditions that mimic low testosterone

Is It Low-T?

It doesn’t mean you have Low-T because you’re losing energy, strength, mental acuity, and the feeling of well-being that helps us lead fulfilling lives. A multitude of diseases and conditions can mimic the symptoms of Low-T. Consequently, it is sound thinking to consider all your options, including TRT when seeking an Rx to happiness.

Common Conditions

The symptoms of Low-T mimic a number of other conditions. Following is are a half-dozen of the most common:

Tuberculosis – TB can make you feel weak and weary while losing weight and muscle tone. Before you have been diagnosed you’re exhausted and unable to function well. This is the case with Low-T (also known as hypogonadism).

Diabetes myelitis – Diabetes has an impact on nearly every cellular process. Malaise, fuzzy thinking, and an inability to participate in normal activities also distinguish Low-T as well as diabetes.

Normal aging– Because men lose about 1% of their normal testosterone levels each year after 30, those of us who don’t exercise regularly or remain active might assume we suffer from Low-T.

Depression – Those of us who experience acute, chronic, or bipolar depression often fail to exercise, can become cognitively compromised.

Erectile Dysfunction – Difficulty maintaining an erection in spite of your partner’s heroic effort causes consternation in anyone suffering from Low-T. Reduced sexual function can be caused by a panoply of conditions, medications, and normal aging.

Chronic illness – Many chronic illnesses cause symptoms similar to Low-T or hypogonadism. Nagging bronchitis, lingering inflammatory responses, and a multitude of energy-sapping conditions cause men to lose vitality.

Final Thoughts

Diagnosing Low-T requires careful diagnostic procedures, tests, and a thorough assessment of the patient’s medical history. All too often, practitioners treat men who demonstrate Low-T symptoms with modalities that do not address the underlying causes. Virility, Inc. is well-equipped to render an accurate diagnosis while delivering the most effective treatment.