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Does TRT Cause Prostate Cancer?

Does TRT Cause Prostate Cancer?

Prostate Health

While testosterone can stimulate the spread of existing prostate cancer, studies indicate that it is unlikely that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) will cause the disease. The relationship between testosterone and prostate cancer is complex. Researchers have tested groups of men who received TRT after being diagnosed with prostate cancer (and presumably cured), as well as TRT groups who enjoyed normal prostate health. While men with Low T and High T seem to have greater risks of developing prostate cancer, those who have experienced normal age-related drops in testosterone levels do not appear to be in an increased risk category.

Regarding TRT

Research studies involving men who have experienced improperly administered testosterone replacement therapy have revealed increases in prostate size and elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels. However, highly specialized physicians at clinics such as Virility, Inc. offer safe and effective testosterone replacement therapy by ensuring that the therapy is medically advisable and, the doses delivered are at the precise therapeutic levels. The highly specialized physician will recognize whether the patient’s symptoms are a result of the natural year-by-year depletion of testosterone production that begins at about age 30, or from underlying medical conditions.

When Is TRT Advisable?

The king of the androgen (male) hormones, testosterone plays a role that goes beyond sex drive and performance. It has an impact on your physical energy level, memory function, muscle strength and bone density. Men with low testosterone levels generally feel run down and unengaged. However, these symptoms can be indicative of underlying medical conditions. By giving specific blood tests at appropriate times (testosterone levels vary widely at various times of the day), taking a complete medical history and performing a physical examination, your physician will determine if you will benefit from TRT.

Note: Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been demonstrated to be a safe and effective method to enhance vitality, libido and overall health if delivered by a qualified physician in a state-of-the-art clinical setting.

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