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Beware of TRT Mills

Not worth risking your health

Low Cost TRT Mills

You may have noticed billboards, radio commercials, late-night television ads, and even sign-spinners on the street corner promoting low cost TRT. These roadside and mail-order TRT clinics are popping up like weeds all over the country, each promising men renewed vigor, healthy sex lives and the ability to boast chiseled physiques that will be the envy of everyone in the gym.

More often than not, these clinics provide a cookie-cutter approach to hormone therapy, and render the same exact protocol to each and every patient. This is dangerous, and these types of clinics should be avoided like the plague.

Hormone therapy requires a careful balancing act and undivided medical attention. Hormones influence so many of our day to day, minute by minute decisions and actions. This is why the Virility, Inc. medical practice is based on optimization for the best life for each individual, rather than simply pumping every patient up to supraphysiological levels of androgens and sending them on their way.

Hormones Require Expert Care

We see new patients who come to us from hormone mills, with symptoms of fatigue, excessive weight gain, elevated blood pressure, diminished sex-drive, and so much more. That is just the physical side of the equation. It is not even taking into consideration the emotional, psychological and even sexual side effects from carelessly managed hormone replacement treatments. Virility, Inc. is not a hormone mill. We take a whole patient approach to deliver the best possible results and satisfaction for each individual patient.

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Final Thoughts

Virility, Inc. is not an ordinary medical clinic. Virility, Inc. is an elite medical practice on the cutting-edge of advanced medical science, and is on the forefront of innovative treatment protocols for hormone optimization. Our medical practice is committed to offering patients the absolute latest, safest and most effective treatment options to achieve their desired outcomes. Our patients are not numbers, nor are they treated like “customers” who all receive the same basic one-size-fits-all protocols commonly prescribed by most clinics (mills). Our model is based on achieving the absolute best results for each individual, and because our physicians dial-in and optimize each individual patient to yield the greatest positive outcome for every unique physiology, we commonly work with various compounds and combination of compounds to achieve an unparalleled level of success.