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What is the best Age to Begin TRT?

Best age to begin TRT

When You SHould Start TRT

You’re not feeling on top of your game physically, yet you remember vividly those halcyon days when you were brimming with youth, vitality and a lust for life. After hearing of the many benefits aging men receive from Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), you want to get in on the action, but is TRT for you? Are you still too young to receive this amazing therapy? What’s the right age? How do you determine whether you’re a good candidate for TRT?

Making the Right Call for TRT

Suppose you’ve taken blood tests that indicate you have below-normal levels of testosterone. I this the right time to consult a clinician about TRT? The answer is: yes and no. It’s important to know that having low testosterone (LowT) by itself, does not always indicate that you need TRT. As you would with any new therapeutic regimen, you should consider the possible side effects of TRT and weight these risks against the many benefits.

Tests for Low T
Simply because you have some of the symptoms of Low T, such as a general sluggishness and loss of libido, you should rule out other causes before thinking about TRT therapy. You can clear up any questions you might have by taking a blood test to measure your TRT level. Once you’ve discussed with your doctor any abnormal findings from the blood test, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether TRT is a good fit, If the test reveals you have below-average testosterone level and it seems likely that your symptoms are a result of your low T, then you may be a good candidate for TRT. However, be aware that certain medical conditions including prostate cancer, heart disease and stroke, benign prostatic hypertrophy are all serious medical problems that can be exacerbated through TRT, sleep apnea and blood clots.

too Old or TOo Young for TRT?

Testosterone levels in men began to diminish by an average of about 1% per year after age 40. In fact, lower-than-normal levels of testosterone can be found in about 45% of all men who are older than 45. However, many men in their low-to-mid 30s have Low T; in some cases these individuals are excellent candidates for TRT. If you are wondering if you are too old to reap the benefits of TRT, the answer is likely: no, you are not too old. Because men continue to produce testosterone all their lives (many men are fertile even into their 80s), TRT can be helpful to men regardless of their age.

If you need help deciding whether you can benefit from TRT, consider scheduling a consultation with Virility, Inc. Experienced practitioners at a reputable clinic such as Virility, Inc. can help guide you through the decision-making process and administer the blood tests needed to measure your hormone levels. Once your testosterone levels are measured, the TRT provider will help you determine whether any symptoms you’re experiencing are due to Low T levels. If that is the case, the TRT health care provider can help you determine whether you would benefit from TRT.