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Virility, Inc. offers non-invasive and minimally invasive hair restoration procedures for the treatment of male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) represents over 95% of hair loss in men. By age 35, 66% of American men will experience some degree of noticeable hair loss, and by age 50, approximately 85% of men will demonstrate significantly thinning hair.Different treatment options are available to the patient, depending on the severity and stage of hair loss. We recommend scheduling a free consultation, and visiting our clinic for a medical assessment, diagnosis, and recommended treatment protocol.

How is Hair Restored?Treatment Options

Our hair restoration treatment programs are designed to provide patients with the latest in non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures, ensuring the best possible outcome with the least amount of down-time. There have been incredible advancements in the field of non-surgical hair restoration, and Virility, Inc. is on the cutting-edge of implementation.


Platelet Rich Plasma hair restoration is ideal for men who have recently noticed thinning hair, and early stages of hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The patient’s blood is drawn, separating the patient’s plasma through centrifuge to isolate the platelet rich plasma (PRP). The PRP is then combined with our proprietary growth factors, and injected into the scalp where hair is thinning. The PRP prompts inactive hair follicles to enter an active growth phase. Hair begins growing again shortly after.

Stem CellS

Stem Cell hair restoration is a relatively new procedure and is recommended for men with more advanced stages of hair loss and more noticeable thinning.

Stem Cell Hair Restoration

Hair loss is often due to a decrease in blood supply to hair follicles (ischemia), and follicular inflammation. Stem cell therapy works to regenerate hair through angiogenesis, which can simply be stated as re-vascularizing the hair follicles. It also has a very profound anti-inflammatory effect. Combined, this results in significant hair regrowth.


In many cases, independent of hair loss severity or stage, it may be advised that a patient begin use of topical treatments and prescription medications.


Minoxidil and pharmacy-compounded shampoo designed for optimal scalp health and conditioning are often a great choice. Finasteride may also be advised, depending on the patient’s condition and physiology. Virility, Inc. also offers numerous peptides that are shown to be effective in promoting hair growth, by means of GH augmentation.

Safe and EffectiveGet Started

The hair restoration treatment options provided by Virility, Inc. are perfectly safe, and administered through a qualified physician who has your health, general well-being and safety in mind. Virility, Inc. is on the forefront of advanced non-invasive restoration and application technique. Our treatment protocols are universally recognized by the medical community as highly effective alternatives to surgical procedures.

Before beginning treatment, a Virility, Inc. physician will take a thorough medical history to determine if you have any underlying conditions that might be responsible for your hair loss. The nature, type, and extent of hair loss will be evaluated, and the physician will design a treatment program based on your physiology and desired outcome. We provide treatment for every stage of alopecia, independent of age, from early signs of thinning to more advanced hair loss.


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