Technical Specifications

miraDry Treatment

miraDry System

Technical Overview

The miraDry® System uses microwave energy to eradicate the underarm sweat glands. Clinical Results indicate that the sweat glands that are targeted do not grow back after treatment.

In the axilla (underarm “armpit”) there are glands known as “eccrine” and “apocrine” glands. These are sweat and odor glands, respectively. The axilla has a very high concentration of eccrine and apocrine glands.

The miraDry® System focuses precise microwave energy to deliver temperatures in excess of 60°C throughout the entire region of target axilla tissue.

The focused energy is designed to target these glands specifically and is required  for permanent destruction of the glands. It is the only FDA-cleared procedure for treating hyperhidrosis. 

This results in significant and permanent reduction of underarm sweat and odor. Patients can expect an average of 82% reduction in underarm sweat according to clinical research.

SAFETY Concerns

What about Surrounding Tissue?

The miraDry® System has coined the term “miraWave” for their application of targeted microwave technology. The miraWave technology consistently delivers energy to dermal-fat layer, resulting in precision targeted regardless of dermal thickness or pigment. The unit uses a special handpiece with a vacuum suction, allowing the treatment operator to gently pull in the tissue and target only the eccrine/apocrine glands.

Cooling is simultaneously administered and is applied to keep the surrounding tissue safe.

Detailed Specifications

It is important to note that currently, there is no other technology commercially available that is able to provide the consistent, stable and concentrated density of energy that miraDry does. This energy is capable of destroying sweat and odor glands in only a single, one-hour treatment.

miraDry usess 5.8 GHz microwave energy. The energy becomes concentrated at the dermal-fat junction, creating a focal energy region.

  • Nearly all sweat and odor glands in the axilla are found within the dermal-fat interface
  • The focused energy is independent of skin color, hair density / color, or skin thickness.
miraDry specs

The system relies on continuous hydroceramic cooling to protect the dermis (“Cooling Zone”) while heat continues is concentrated in the area where sweat & odor glands are located.

  • Sweat and odor glands (and hair follicles) are destroyed in the (“Heat Zone.”)

System Specifications

Microwave output frequency: 5.8 Ghz
Microwave energy output: Manufacture defined set points (25% range)
Coolant: Integrated cooling system used deionized water at 15°C
Vacuum: -508 to -559 mm of Hg (-20 to -22 inches of Hg)
Operating Voltage/Current: 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz

Console Dimensions:
• 1.19m H x 0.52m W x 0.81m D
• 46.75” H x 20.25” W x 31.75” D
With display folded down:
• 0.90m H x 0.52m W x 0.81m D
• 35.25” H x 20.25” W x 31.75” D

Console Weight: 52.2 kg (112 lbs)
Conforms to: 5 international standards