Immune Support

GAC Injections



Although GAC is more commonly known for its use by fitness enthusiasts for muscle building, fat loss and performance boosting, a notable benefit is strengthened immune response. The GAC injection is a mix of amino acids, glutamine, arginine and l-carnitine. These amino acids naturally occur in the human body, but supplementing these amino acids can help support weight loss, fitness, general well being, and most importantly, a healthy immune system. Glutamine helps support digestive and immune system health. Arginine promotes wound healing, helps the kidneys remove waste from the body and helps maintain healthy immune system and hormone function. Studies indicate that L-carnitine strongly ameliorates the immune response in both healthy individuals receiving Intralipid and ageing subjects with cardiovascular diseases.


Glutamine is the most abundant and versatile amino acid in the body. In health and disease, the rate of glutamine consumption by immune cells is similar or greater than glucose. For instance, in vitro and in vivo studies have determined that glutamine is an essential nutrient for lymphocyte proliferation and cytokine production, macrophage phagocytic plus secretory activities, and neutrophil bacterial killing. Glutamine release to the circulation and availability is mainly controlled by key metabolic organs, such as the gut, liver, and skeletal muscles. During catabolic/hypercatabolic situations glutamine can become essential for metabolic function, but its availability may be compromised due to the impairment of homeostasis in the inter-tissue metabolism of amino acids. For this reason, glutamine is currently part of clinical nutrition supplementation protocols and/or recommended for immune suppressed individuals.


The benefits of L-arginine are abundant. There is potential to increase cardiovascular health through improved circulation, improved ‘good cholesterol’ levels and lower blood pressure. The benefits of L-arginine also include its ability to potentially improve the immune system. Research indicates that L-arginine provides improved immune system function. A study at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, recently published as a featured article in the journal Clinical Cancer Research, shows that treatment with L-arginine may reactivate cancer-fighting T-cells in patients with glioblastoma, thus potentially allowing the immune system to help the body better handle cancer.


The immune system undergoes alterations in functions with aging which results in progressive deterioration in the ability to respond to infection. The importance of nutrients in regulating immune responses has widened attempts on interventions that improve immune functions with aging. L-carnitine serves as a vital factor in the mitochondrial transport of fatty acids, a process essential for fatty acid oxidation and energy release. L-carnitine is categorized as a conditionally essential nutrient factor and its concentrations are reported to be decreased with aging.