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Testosterone therapy

Virility Inc. is an elite men’s medical clinic, on the forefront of cutting-edge hormone replacement therapy, testosterone therapy, GH optimization, anti-aging protocols, exosome therapy, advanced peptide science, cognitive enhancement, sexual health and wellness, weight management and hair restoration.  Medical “mills” are popping up like weeds, with the intent of cashing in on “one size fits all” services. Virility, Inc. is not a mill. We treat every patient as a unique individual, addressing specific needs and physiologies. We offer patients the latest advances in medical science, and our practice has pioneered the integration of applied mathematics in our proprietary optimization algorithms to deliver the absolute best results. We offer superior service and results at an affordable price.

About Us

Virility, Inc. is an elite men’s wellness medical practice that seeks to achieve that absolute best outcome for each patient, based on his goals and desired outcome. Our proprietary biomedical feedback algorithms are the foundation of our optimization science. Our science and mathematics based approach allows our physicians to customize medical services, procedures, and treatment plans for each individual, based on his desired outcome, whether that is excellence in business, career, fitness, longevity or romance.

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You may have noticed billboards, radio commercials, late-night television ads, and even sign-spinners on the street corner promoting low cost TRT. These roadside and mail-order TRT clinics are popping up like weeds all over the country, each promising men renewed vigor, healthy sex lives and the ability to boast chiseled physiques that will be the envy of everyone in the gym.

More often than not, these clinics provide a cookie-cutter approach to hormone therapy, and render the same exact protocol to each and every patient. This is dangerous, and these types of clinics should be avoided like the plague. We frequently see patients who leave these TRT in-a-box companies, in favor of individualized care. Many of these men come to us with elevated estrogen, high blood pressure, water retention, and dangerously high hematocrit levels.  

Hormone treatment is our primary focus. Hormones are not to be trifled with…

Hormone therapy requires a careful balancing act and undivided medical attention. Our hormones influence so many of our day to day, minute by minute decisions and actions. This is why the Virility, Inc. medical practice is based on optimization for the best life for each individual, rather than simply pumping every patient up to supraphysiological levels of androgens and sending them on their way. Our practice is in the business of making YOU the best version of yourself.


Isn’t it about time to treat yourself to a healthier, more active, virile and enjoyable life? Get started with the best in the business, Virility, Inc., in three simple steps:

Step 1: Consultation


Make an appointment for a consultation. We begin with a conversation. You will have questions and we will have answers. We will help you to make informed decisions. Together we can discuss your symptoms and whether treatment is right for you.
Step 2: Diagnostics


The physician will give you an thorough examination and we will have you complete some simple lab work for analysis. You will then receive a total body composition analysis to identify any problem areas and opportunities for success with treatment.
Step 3: Review


After your initial consultation with the doctor and the analysis of your diagnostics results, we will have a clear understanding of your symptoms and will create a custom treatment program unique to your physiology and fit for your lifestyle.